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AquaOxy Aeration Pump


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AquaOxy 450 Aeration Pump by Oase Living Water

  • Rated for outdoor use
  • Increase oxygen levels in your pond
  • Included air stones and hoses
  • Low-voltage (12V) technology
  • Quiet, energy efficient, high quality motor
  • 15 ft. power cable length
  • 2 Year Warranty

The AquaOxy 450 provides additional oxygen supply to your pond featuring a quiet operation. It is a 12-volt air injector pump with two adjustable air flow outlets. The two weighted air stones ensure high air volume for optimal dissipation of oxygen into the water. The AquaOxy is ideal for outdoor use as no additional protection from the elements is needed. It promises safe 12-volt technology and boasts a high-quality motor that is also energy efficient.

PLEASE NOTE: The AquaOxy Unit housing cannot be submerged in water, but is rated for outdoor use! So, there is no need for additional protection from the outside elements.

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