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Pond Starter Dry Bacteria

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Pond Starter Dry Bacteria by Pond Basics

  • Clarifies Pond Water
  • Great for water changes, pond start-ups & cleanings
  • Non-toxic, will not harm aquatic life
  • Use in the Spring until Late Fall (March-October)
  • 1 ounce (1 scoop) per 1,000 gallons
  • Concentrate: 1 ounce (1 scoop) per 10,000 gallons

Pond Starter Dry Bacteria is a proprietary blend of natural bacterial cultures that are imperative to the health of your pond. Use Pond Starter Dry Bacteria to quickly establish bacterial colonies in new ponds, during pond start-ups or while performing water changes. Inoculating your pond early will help insure water clarity by reducing nutrient loads due to decomposing plant material and fish wastes. Pond Starter Dry Bacteria is a non-toxic and non-pathogenic bacterial blend that is safe for fish, plants, pets and wildlife when used as directed.

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