Jurassic Water Lettuce (pistia stratoides 'jurassic')

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Jurassic Water Lettuce (pistia stratoides 'jurassic')


Bloom times: Foliage plant all season
Hardiness zone: 9-11
Height: 10”-14”
Fertilization: Absorbed from your water!
Cultivation: Floats on the water’s surface with roots hanging below.
Habit: HUGE Pale, blue-green, velvety leaves. They multiply quickly so be sure to separate & thin.


  • Absorbs excess nutrients from your water
  • Promotes clean water
  • Increases natural filtration
  • Provides shelter for fish
  • Help prevent algae
  • Floating pond plant
  • Tropical pond plant in Ohio
  • Prefers full sun to partial shade

PLANT TIP: Put a Jumbo-Jurassic Water Lettuce plant in a bucket of water with a little miracle gro and it will double in size! The important thing is to keep the water lettuce crowded.


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