Pond Water Testers

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5-in-1 Test Strips (25 count) 
These test strips measure pH, nitrite, nitrate, carbonate and general hardness levels. Strips show you the distinct variations between colors on the color chart making for easy to read results. Just dip the test strip directly into the pond water and compare it the included chart and read product recommendations.

Ammonia Test Kit (130 count) 
This test kit quickly measures the level of ammonia in pond water, reading levels from 0 ppm to 8 ppm. It can test the level of ammonia in both new & established ponds. Included is a test solution, glass test tube with a cap, color chart & instructions.

pH Test Kit (160 count) 
This test kit allows you to measure for any pH changes in marine aquariums, ponds and very alkaline tap water. These Tests read the pH of water within the high range of 7.4 to 8.8. 

Phosphate Test Kit (150 count) 
This test kit allows you to test phosphate levels from 0 to 10 ppm in fresh and saltwater situations.

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