Why Aeration is Important, Especially in the Winter

Pond aeration systems are especially important during the cold winter months when plants produce minimal oxygen for your pond fish.

In preparation for the cold winter months, ponds are being winterized, plants are being cut back and most pond pumps are placed into storage until Spring. This means less oxygen is available for your fish.

Fish health is directly influenced by your water quality and proper levels of oxygen in the water. Stressed fish are more prone to disease which is why aeration is important all year long, but especially during Winter.

If you live in a cold winter area and you already have aeration in your pond, you will want to move your air stone/diffuser to about half the depth of your pond. This will provide the fish with the necessary oxygen they need to survive. If you do not have an aerator, we recommend getting one.

If aeration is located in the deepest part of your pond during the cold
Winter months, it will “super cool” your pond water.

We recommend taking it one step further by installing a pond de-icer. This will help ensure that a hole is kept in the ice, allowing the harmful gases to escape. The combination of both make for very happy and healthy fish!

**Product Tip: When looking for a de-icer, we suggest choosing one that is
Thermo-regulated with the least amount of wattage.