Planting Zones for your Pond Plants

Pond plants - planting zones diagram

Zone 1: 
Bog plants (moisture loving plants) 
> Planting depths of 0-1/2 inch. 
>> The crown of the plant should be just above the water line with its roots in moist/boggy soil. 

Zone 2: 
> Planting depths of 0-10 inches 

Zone 3: 
Deep Marginals & Submerged Aquatics (like Hornwort & Anacharis) 
> Planting depths of 6-10 inches 

Zone 4: 
Water Lilies, Lotus & other deep-water plants 
> Summer planting depths of 12-24 inches  l  Winter planting depths of 20-24 inches 

Zone 5: 
Floaters (like Water Lettuce & Water Hyacinth) 
> Free floating plants simply float on the waters surface with its roots hanging just below the surface