​Eye Catching and Unique Plants for your Pond

There are many different types of plants that can be added to your pond and they all serve a purpose. Whether it is to help build your eco-system, managing algae, protection for your fish or simply for aesthetic reasons.

A common trend we have been noticing lately is that more and more people want unique and eye-catching plants. So, today we will share with you some fun, eye-catching and unique Marginal pond plants that can set your pond apart from the others.


Pond plants: CannasCannas come in a wide range of varieties with many different and fun colors! There is the Pink Sunburst, Red Longwood, Peach with Maroon Leaves, Australia Red and the Yellow Longwood just to name a few. The Canna leaves come in green and a deep maroon and are typically long and slender, coming to a point with the blooms being very vibrant in color. They are a very tropical looking plant and almost resemble an orchid. They will typically bloom in late summer to mid-autumn, giving your pond color at the end of the Ponding Season. They like partial to full sun and are fast growers reaching a height of around 30 inches and a spread of 20 inches. They thrive in very wet areas and ad great dimension to your pond. They are suitable for containers but need regularly heavy watering, especially if it is hot. Most cannas are not winter hardy in Ohio.

FORGET-ME-NOTS (myosotis sylvatica):

Pond plants: Forget-Me-NotsForget-me-nots come in a blue or a pink variety, typically having blooms from May until September. That means these guys give your pond a dash of color pretty much all Summer long. Blooms have bright blooms with 5 tiny petals and yellow centers. They like partial to full sun and are fast growers reaching a height of 6-12 inches, spreading 6-12 inches. Flowers can be pinched, after blooming, to promote even more buds! They are great around the border of your pond and are suitable for container planting. They thrive in wet soils and when placed in streams or bog areas they even help with natural filtration of your pond water. Forget-me-nots are winter hardy in Ohio.

FOUR LEAF WATER CLOVER (marsilea mutica):

Pond plants: 4 leaf cloversBring a little luck to your pond with these 4 Leaf Water Clovers. The 2-inch clover floats on the surface of your pond water sending its roots into the soil where ever they can. They are fast growers and help to cover the surface of your water adding some shade and protection for your fish. Be aware as they are tasty snacks for your fish as well. They like full sun to part shade and have a height of 1-inch with a running spread. Four Leaf Water Clover can be potted, tucked in between rocks of a stream bed or water fall and in bog areas. Four Leaf Water Clovers are winter hardy in Ohio.

GIANT SENSITIVE FERN (aeschynomene fluitans):

Pond plants: FernsThe Giant Sensitive Ferns have a hairy, milky-white hollow floating stem with green foliage where the leaves that are spaced out over the length of the stems. They will even produce very small, yellow, sweat-pea like flowers in the late summer to fall months. They like sun to partial shade and will grow to a height of 6-10 inches with a spread up to 6 feet or more sometimes. It thrives in consistently wet soil and will grow fast. This plant looks great winding its way through your stream bed, water fall, pond’s surface and can be trained to climb rocks. What makes this plant even more unique and interesting is its leaves are very sensitive and will slowly close when it is touched, returning back to normal after a few minutes. Giant Sensitive Ferns are not winter hardy in Ohio.

IMPERIAL TARO (colocasia antiquorum):

Pond plants: Elephant earsThe Imperial Taro is also known as the ‘Elephant Ear.’ Its amazing, large, deep black leaves are highlighted with its green veins for a dramatic looking foliage. This pre-historic looking plant likes partial sun to partial shade and will reach 3-5 feet tall, spreading 3-4 feet wide. They are great for around the perimeter of your pond and are even suitable for containers/beds and are even deer resistant. They thrive in wet or evenly moist soil. Elephant Ears are not winter hardy in Ohio.

MOSAIC PLANT (ludwigia sedioides):

Pond plants: Mosaic plantsThe Mosaic Plant floats on your water’s surface creating beautiful patterns of 3-inch round clusters with red and green, diamond-shaped leaves resembling a Mosaic Pattern. This tropical plant loves full sun and will grow better in warm weather, growing best in 70-72° water or warmer. It grows to a height of 3-4 inches with a spread of 12-24 inches. This pond plant is VERY eye-catching and makes a great addition around the edges of your pond, in bog areas or in your container garden. They will even bloom a tiny yellow flower late in the summer. This plant truly turns your pond water into an art piece. Mosaic Plants are not winter hardy in Ohio.

VARIEGATED SPIDER LILY (hymenocallis caribaea 'variegata'):

Pond plants: Spider liliesThe Spider Lily is a very unique plant with bright variegated leaves and delicate spider-like flowers. It blooms Mid-Summer, typically having multiple fragrant flowers on each stalk. They are shade tolerant and can get to a height of 18-20 inches with a spread of 12 inches. They thrive in moist soils and do great in bog areas. They ad vertical dimension and brighten up your pond and are very attractive even when they are not blooming. Variegated Spider Lilies are not winter hardy in Ohio.

We hope that we have pointed out some fun and different pond plants for you. Remember, there are a lot of unique pond plants, these are just a few. As always, Happy Ponding!